Welcome to Linda in the Light


“Simply put, if writing this book helps one person to learn how to experience their child or loved one as truly alive beyond this physical world, that life eternal is real, then my intentions have been fulfilled!”

“Having never met Linda before her transition into the light, working with her and Dr. La Batto has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. Linda reaffirms the continuation of life beyond the physical, bringing healing to those who have lost children; explaining the gifts brought by those tragic events. Accessing the other side is real, normal, and natural, something our children want us to participate in.

“It is truly magical to know we can all achieve this communication and interaction without any special ability or training. I couldn’t put the book down! This true story will fill your heart with unconditional love and the blessings that come from ‘our little angels’ who live eternally to guide and protect us.”

– Jeanne Callahan Trantel, author of Disguised Blessings seen on 48 Hours, Discovery, Early Show and Dr. Phil

“A true story of a father’s journey through incredible grief resulting from his daughter’s tragic death in her twenties which leads to a personal confirmation of continued life after death.  Dr. La Batto shares his direct experiences with his daughter, Linda, who becomes his teacher, guide and healer. Their journey together illustrates that there is no death – rather a transition into a being of spirit, a being of light.  Also, pure unconditional love, which transcends time and space, provides a medium of connection that is available to everyone and their loved ones.

“Dr. La Batto has no special talents or abilities, only the willingness to explore the profundity of the lessons his daughter brings to him.  His purpose in writing this book is to let everyone know that this is possible – it is our birthright – and to bring healing to those in need.”

– Karen Malik, MA, MFT, Transpersonal Guide and Therapist